About Lambda Kappa Sigma

Lambda Kappa Sigma is an international professional fraternity for women in pharmacy.   The fraternity is open to undergraduate and graduate pharmacy students and practicing pharmacists.  The Alpha Zeta Chapter was founded at St. Louis College of Pharmacy on May 13, 1951.  We are proud to now have over 100 active collegiate members for 2013-2014 academic year.


Lambda Kappa Sigma was founded on October 14, 1913 by Ethel J. Health and eight other students at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy.  Since then, LKS has initiated over 30,000 members with 45 chartered chapters and 36 chartered alumni chapters internationally. Click HERE to see a list of other LKS chapters.

Lambda Kappa Sigma provides lifelong opportunities for women in pharmacy through professional excellence and personal growth.

Our philanthropy is Project Hope.


The Creed

I believe in Loyalty.

I believe that loyalty is the kindest activity of the spirit, the wisest method and the most powerful force in the realm of Fraternity affairs.

I believe in the sacred sovereignty of my sister over her own life. Therefore I will not trespass on her domain, or seek domination over her ideas or conduct in any way.

I believe that I see some truth my sister may not see and to which I must be true. I believe equally that my sister sees some truth which I may not see, so I must be not only open-minded but sympathetic because I want to know her truth too.

I believe that I have more defects in manner, speech, disposition, and temperament than I can detect or am willing to admit. Therefore it ill becomes me to be too sharp a critic of my sister.

I believe that humor is one of the major gifts of God. I hope for my sake that my sister possesses it. I pray for her sake that I may have enough of it to laugh at myself.

I believe that the happiness and success of my sister is as important as my own. Therefore I will seek in behalf of others the same things that I seek and ask for myself.

Will that there is Spirit in this Universe which prompts, inspires and sustains those who make life an adventure, and I trust that Spirit.

– This creed was dedicated to the sisters of Lambda Kappa Sigma in l954 by Ruth Davies Flaherty, Grand President 1952-1954.


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