Health Week

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Thanks to the immense work by Stephanie Henderson, LKS sponsored a Health Week.

The week was filled with several events to raise awareness of several common killers of both men and women. 

Monday – Heart Disease

             Everyone wore red and the sisters sponsored an event called “Have a Heart for Heart Disease”.  Cookies were provided for decorating and information about reducing the risk of Heart Disease was available. 

Tuesday – Cancer

The color to wear was – whatever you want!  Some students wore purple for general cancer awareness and others were more specific and wore colors like black for Melanoma or red for Lymphoma.  LKS held a “Kick Cancer Cookout” to raise money for the American Cancer Society.  Thanks to donations from students and staff, over $400 was raised!!

Wednesday – COPD

Color of choice today was yellow to raise awareness of COPD.  The event for this day was COPD-style games on our Quad.  Students raced against each other and the clock through an obstacle course of jump ropes, crabwalks, jumping jacks and more – all while breathing through a staw!  This lead to some insightful realizations about being a COPD patient. 

Thursday – Stroke

We asked everyone to wear red again, this time to raise awareness of the third leading cause of death in America.  For this LKS brought in a speaker to educate the student body on stroke.  Julie Rosenfeld spoke to students about several things including risk factors, the different tests involved post-stroke, and her forte, rehabilitation.  It was interesting to hear about the different symptoms a patient could have post-stroke depending on what type and where the stroke was that they suffered from.


Friday – Osteoporosis

We asked the school to wear white to raise awareness of the most common bone disease.  There are no symptoms in the early stages of this disease.  Women are more prone than men to suffer from this.  To prevent or to slow the progression of this disease, weight bearing exersizes and the intake of adequate calcium is suggested. 

We thank everyone who helped make this week possible along with all those who participated!

More Pictures off all events on our Photo page 🙂


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